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ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

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Quality targeted visitors is the only way you will earn money online as an affiliate marketer with Click-Bank, because when your visitors are targeted then they will naturally be interested in your offer. Based on the analytic for a brand new affiliate account with Click-Bank, the account received 721 Hops or site clicks with 240 Hops per order form impression which is a good ratio for a new account. Order form sale conversion is at a staggering 66.67% with two sales and the account generated $37.36 from the 721 Hops.

Importance Of Research

This is a clear indication that the traffic to this account is targeted and will now only go one way and that is up. This is the kind of confirmation that will set your mind at ease because something is actually happening.

Why and how to obtain targeted visitors.

The why should be pretty obvious if you consider the ratio here, two sales from 721 hops or clicks to a particular site as opposed to thousands of visitors and zero sales or conversion? That only means the visitors are not even interested in your offer or product. Which is why traffic packages seldom deliver any results apart from increasing Alexa rank of your website at best, but that is a topic for another article. When you know how to properly target your audience then you will have a Lot Less “Visitors” but a Lot More Sales and that is a proven fact.

There are two highly responsive methods to get targeted traffic to your website, product and/or blog aside from commenting and posting. Writing and publishing articles and eBooks which not only builds credibility with high ranking directories but also helps you to get recognized as a Professional.

ClickBank Commissions

The important part is keyword research which can be done with Google Trends which is a free tool Google gives you to work with. Just type “Google Trends” into your browser and click the first link on the search page. Then just follow the instructions.

Next you have to establish the page rank of publishers, be it for an eBook or an Article because when you publish on high ranking directories and with high ranking publishers then you get a lot more targeted exposure. Again Google offers a free page rank checking tool called the Page rank Checker which you can access by typing the phrase “PRChecker” into your browser and following the link on the search page.

The Power Of Knowledge

When you check for page rank and get a 0/10 result, that means that the site is indexed in Google and busy ranking.

When you see the red block suggesting a problem with the URL, that usually means that the website you have entered into the PR Checking tool is not indexed in Google Yet. You may want to target publishers and article directories with a page 1-3 page rank for maximum exposure, and combined with a proper keyword or keyword phrase you’re set to succeed.

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