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Creating YouTube Videos

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Yes that’s not a typing error because you can actually create your own videos with free software from the giant, Microsoft. High definition videos with lots of free editing tools within the Microsoft Software discussed in this article. I honestly wish I actually knew this before sacrificing weeks of hard work at a fortune for tutorial and learning material. But must agree that what I have learned helped me to understand this software a lot faster.

YouTube Traffic

Before I share the access, remember that this is not a magic button that’s going to turn your PC into an ATM. It’s a tool and it’s up to you exclusively to learn how to use it and share relevant content via video. The three largest traffic platforms on the planet is Google, YouTube and Facebook in that order. Link them all together with great video and that’s your autopilot traffic machine right there. You will find two free downloads on and you want to start by clicking on the yellow square marked “Download Expression Design 4 Free Version” and download the software. Also download and install “Download Expression Encoder 4 Free Version” in the yellow block to the right of the previous download.

You can install the software because it really is from Microsoft and uses Windows 7 and up, just follow all the prompts then download and install both. If you cannot find your downloads, then check in your Start menu under “All programs” and then “Microsoft Expression. Then simply create desktop shortcuts and your video creation software is free and ready to use. Just one of the many free tools out there that can do the job of hundreds of dollars per month.

YouTube Traffic

When you acquire and learn how to use all these free tools available on the internet, you will spend less and less money on software. Heck, you can even schedule all your blog posts and social networking posts on autopilot with free tools right in front of you. From keyword research to page ranking and tracking and even building websites, it’s all available for free if you know where to look.

What the software basically does that you have just downloaded and installed, is to record your computer screen activity. So, if you would like to show someone how to successfully complete a certain task, then video is the perfect answer. Just consider your own preference, would you rather read, or would you prefer watching a step by step how to video? Just a thought…

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